A self-replicating system of robots that reproduces exponentially until it reaches a critical threshold. In common usage this term can refer to either a collective of robots or to individual members thereof. Initially created to perform work in environments rendered uninhabitable by humans, over time auxons began to evolve and branch out to fill niches that were no longer filled by organic life. Today, they are studied by physicists, mathematicians, and population biologists alike.

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The Quantum Indeterminacy of Nature


Inside the Anomaly a chaotic state results from an accumulation of errors and miscalculations made worse by repeated traversal of the time-space…


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Loyalists retain the memory of the original codes and do their best to run the calculations as intended. They are not deterred by those who evolve…

The Fold


A highly turbulent region inside the anomaly that forms in the space between the three principle loci. In a stable era the three loci perform a 2.53…